Using the CallBack feature

To use the Web callback service:


1--  Go to (using a wap-enabled phone you can go to
2--  Login with your Mywebcalls username and password
3--  Enter your number as ‘source phone’
4--  Enter the number you want to call as ‘destination phone’
5--  Click ‘connect’


The first phone will ring and should be answered. The second call will then be initiated and you will hear confirmation that the connection is in progress. Both parties should hang up the phone to terminate each call. Remember that each call is billed separately.


Within a few seconds of the call being initiated, the web page will refresh, allowing you to place further calls from the website. The account stays logged in until you click 'exit' so if using a public computer, remember to logout before you walk away!


The ‘call history’ shows details of all calls made from that account, whether made from a device, dialer or callback

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