Making A Call/Software Support

Making a call using the MyWebCalls dialler could not be simpler...

1-- Start the MyWebCalls dialler from the start menu

2-- Enter the number you wish to call into the text box at the top of the dialler

3-- Next press the green phone icon on the right hand side

All numbers should be dialled as you would with a regular phone, including any international prefix (such as 00, or 011). You can dial 00 or 011, both will work - we have allowed both so you can dial numbers exactly as you would with a regular phone.

For example,

if dialling France from United Kingdom, you would dial 0033 plus the number
if dialling United Kingdom from USA, you would dial 01144 plus number

DO NOT enter spaces between numbers e.g. 001 555 376 2297
DO NOT enter a + sign e.g. +001 555 376 2297
DO NOT enter dashes e.g.001-555-376-2297
DO NOT use brackets e.g. 001(555)3762297

Additional features
Dial *88 to hear your account balance (available from any SIP device)
Dial *89 to run an echo test to ensure your audio is setup correctly

Press F8 to run the audio tuning wizard (allows you to setup your headset to the optimum settings)
Press F9 to run a network test (you may be requested to send this info to our support team if you're having problems with our service)


The desktop dialer is the recommended option if you are using your own PC. You can download the dialer here.


Q.      How do install the dialer?
A.      Simply download the file from our website, then run it. The installation wizard will

         guide you through the process.


The dialer will work with most software firewalls, such as Norton Internet Security. Just remember to allow communication on all ports when prompted by the firewall software.


Q.      Can I use the dialer with Mac OS?
A.      You can't use the Mywebcalls dialer, but you can use the free dialer from Xten,
         called Xlite. It is available free here


Settings for Xlite can be found here


Q.      Can I use the dialer with Pocket PC?
A.      No, but there is a version from Xten that you can buy here


Settings for Xten can be found here


Q.      How can I configure my headset/ mic/ speakers to the optimum settings?
A.      Pressing F8 when the dialer is open runs the Audio Tuning Wizard. This helps
         ensure the optimum settings are used for your mic and speakers/ headset.


Once configured if you dial *89 you can run an 'echo test' to ensure everything is setup correctly.


Q.      I get call rejected on every call. What is wrong?
A.      As with any other international call, you need to dial 00 (or 011 in some
         countries) before international numbers. For example, to call a number in
         London, UK, you would dial 00442072346710


Q.      I can hear the other party, but they cannot hear me (or vice versa). What is the
A.      One-way audio usually occurs when there is a firewall on your PC/ Network which
         is blocking the audio. If using ADSL (broadband) it may also be that your router
         blocks the ports by default, without you even knowing. Please disable any firewall
         you may have then try again.


If you don't have a firewall, or are unsure, please download this small utility, run it and send us the results (please cut and paste from the window, don't send us a screen capture). We will then try to diagnose where the problem may be.


Q.      The person I am calling hears an echo on the line? What is causing this?
A.      Echo is sometimes caused by incorrect mic/ speaker settings. Use the audio
         controls to adjust your settings. Also, echo is often eliminated by using a headset
         or handset, instead of regular desktop speakers, as it prevents the other side
         hearing themselves in your speakers!


Q.      The sound quality is poor. Is there anything I can do to improve it?
A.      The most common cause of a poor quality call is a poor quality internet
         connection. You can find out your IP address here -
         if you contact our support team and let them know your IP address, they will run
         some tests on your connection.


Q.      The call duration show in the call logs is longer than the call I actually made.
A.      You must click 'disconnect' when you have finished your call. This disconnects
         you from our network. Failure to do this could lead to additional costs being


Q.      How do I call another Mywebcalls user?
A.      Simply dial 699, then their Mywebcalls ID. For example if their user ID is 123456,
         you would dial 699123456. Calls to other Mywebcalls users are free!


Q.      I tried to call another Mywebcalls user, but it said call failed. I know they are
         online, so why did it fail?
A.      If their dialer has not been used for several hours, it may have lost connection to
         the server. Ask them to make an outbound call and it should 'wake up' the
         connection and you should be able to call them.


Q.      What are the technical requirements for using the dialer?
A.      Windows 2000 or Windows XP (We no longer support Windows 98), a 56k dial-
         up connection (broadband recommended), 128mb RAM, microphone and
         speakers (headset recommended). Sorry, we do not yet support Windows Vista.


Q.      When I try to login I get a message "Account is disabled, please contact billing
         dept". Why?
A.      When you run out of funds, your account is automatically disabled preventing
         you from calling. When funds are added to your account, it will automatically re-
         activate allowing you to login and call. You don't need to login to your account to
         add funds.

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